Frequently Asked Questions

If you're a new patient or just have some questions, browse our list below.

At which hospitals may I find CVC physicians?

Now that I’m seeing a cardiologist, do I need to continue seeing my primary care physician?

We encourage you to continue seeing your family physician while being treated by a CVC physician. Some cardiovascular conditions require that you follow up with your CVC physician on a continual basis. During this process, CVC will communicate with your PCP by sending them a letter with your test results.

What if I need refills on my CVC-prescribed medicine?

If you need your routine medications refilled between office visits, you should call your pharmacy with this request. The pharmacist will then contact us for a refill approval.

Our pharmacy refill phone number is 602.482.7073

What is the best way to schedule an appointment?

Call our main office at 602.867.8644 Appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday and we will help you find the doctor and office right for you.

It’s my first appointment, do I need to bring anything with me?

To speed up the process, you can download our new patient forms here and fill them out ahead of time. We also ask that you bring all of the medications you are currently taking. If you have any questions about how to download the forms or fill them out, please call us at 602.867.8644.